5 Undervalued Insurance Stocks with High Dividend Yields and Low Payout Ratios

Big insurers are maintaining their dividends, expecting better times ahead.


These top insurance stocks are worth considering right now.

Insurance stocks are among the more intriguing options in this market. Among the most stable and consistent long-term bets, insurance companies are highly sought after by those with long investing time horizons.

Insurance starts with a bet. A customer bets on a disaster that they’ll die, or their car will crash, or their business will be destroyed by a natural gas leak, as my late father’s TV repair business was in 1967. If disaster strikes, the customer “wins” and is made whole, up to the policy’s limits. (Dad’s shop re-opened soon after his loss.)

If nothing happens, the insurer keeps the customer’s money and offers to play again with new odds and a new price tag. The biggest disasters cause insurers to raise their rates, but by carefully managing risk, they ensure this doesn’t hit them too hard.

Insurance has been essential to business conduct since Lloyd’s of London was a coffee house, in the 17th century. Without a way to manage risk, significant risks can’t be taken. The bigger an insurer, the bigger the dangers it can take. But even the biggest insurers will off-load layers of risk to other companies through “reinsurance.” No insurance stock stands alone.

With that said, here are five top insurance stocks I think are worth diving into right now.

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