5 Best Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Long Term

It can be tough to take a buy-and-hold approach when markets are volatile, but it can mean getting market-beating returns

One of the core philosophies of Berkshire Hathaway’s (NYSE:BRK.A, NYSE:BRK.B) Warren Buffett is the importance of taking a buy-and-hold approach to investing. About long-term stocks, he once famously said: “I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years.”

No doubt, this focus on long-term stocks has worked out extremely well for him. Buffett is worth a staggering $81 billion. He has also done this by generally avoiding the high-growth areas of the markets, such as tech stocks.

OK then, in light of all this, what are some stocks to buy right now — and to hold on to for the long term? Let’s take a look at five:

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