5 All-Star Dividend Stocks for Any Portfolio

There is no shortage of dividend stock lists out there. But what sets a good dividend stock apart isn’t simply the dividend payment. If you are going to invest in a dividend stock it should be a worthy investing proposition, period. Dividend or no dividend. This means that the business is going on the right track, and the fundamentals are looking strong.

Plus dividend stocks are perfect for the current bout of market volatility. “Dividends may help to mitigate portfolio losses when stock prices decline, and over long time horizons, stocks with a history of increasing their dividend each year have also produced higher returns with considerably less risk than non-dividend-paying stocks” says Bank of America.

Here I used TipRanks’ new stock screener to source five all-star dividend stocks. All five of these stocks score have a “Strong Buy” consensus rating from the Street’s top analysts. And don’t get me started on the upside potential. This is the upside from the current share price to the average analyst price target. Let’s take a closer look now at what makes these five dividend stocks so special:

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