How Safe Is AbbVie, Inc.'s Dividend Now?

AbbVie gave its payout a mighty boost just ahead of a major trial failure. Maybe now's a good time to look under the hood.

AbbVie Inc.'s (NYSE:ABBV) treated shareholders to some hefty dividend bumps since its inception five years ago, but a 35% raise announced in February was the biggest yet. Not long after announcing the payout boost and another $10 billion stock repurchase program, a high-profile clinical trial failure knocked AbbVie's stock down a few pegs.

At recent prices, AbbVie shares offer a nice 4% yield. That's more than twice as much as you'll get from the average dividend-paying stock in the benchmark S&P 500 index. If you're a cautious investor worried about a dividend that looks too good to be true, here's what you need to know about the pillars supporting AbbVie's rapidly rising payouts.

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