August 12, 2017

Disney Leaves Netflix: A Big Mistake

-The music industry tried to cling to an obsolete business model far too long and suffered gravely for it.

-Spotify finally dragged the labels into a new era and revitalized the industry.

-Disney - and the other media companies - didn't learn their lesson from their adjacent industry's troubles.

-Netflix is the movie industry's Spotify. Cripple it, and you'll unleash a crushing wave of piracy.

-Almost all media stocks fell Wednesday; this is a lose-lose decision for Disney, Netflix, and third parties.

Shares of both Disney (DIS) and Netflix (NFLX) fell in after-hours trading on Tuesday, and those losses extended into Wednesday's trading. That followed Disney's decision to pull its movies from Netflix going forward and greatly expanding its own digital distribution ambitions.

And, let's get it out of the way right at the beginning of this article. I think this is a bad decision, and the market is correct to be sending shares of both firms downward. Here's why - let's examine the parallel of what happened with music in the digital era.

August 11, 2017

10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks To Buy and Hold

Investing in any of the 10 best Canadian dividend stocks to buy and hold is the perfect way to gain exposure to the Canadian market and the country’s bountiful natural resources, which many Canadian stocks owe thanks to.

Canada has its own robust stock market, the Toronto Stock Exchange, which has over 3,000 companies listed on it, making it one of the most populated exchanges in the world. Canada also ranks fifth overall in terms of listed companies by country, trailing only India, the U.S, Japan, and Spain.

Nonetheless, many of the largest Canadian companies are listed on both the TSX and U.S exchanges, so as to reach a larger pool of investors. Some Canadian companies eschew the TSX entirely and are listed solely on U.S exchanges, so it’s quite easy for Americans to invest in the Canadian market. There are 176 Canadian companies listed in the U.S according to, with precious metals and energy companies accounting for a disproportionate amount of those stocks.

August 7, 2017

Starbucks: Brewing Up A Solid Third Quarter Earnings Report

Starbucks has been a solid dividend growth stock since it paid its first dividend in 2010.

Over the past 7 years, Starbucks has compounded its per-share dividend at a rate of 25.8% per year.

Starbucks’ short dividend history means that it does not qualify to be a Dividend Aristocrat (stocks with 25+ years of consecutive dividend increases) or a Dividend Achiever (stocks with 10+ years of consecutive dividend increases).

However, we continue to like this stock because we believe its future dividend growth will be well-supported by its long international growth runway, particularly in China.

On July 27, Starbucks gave us an update on their business progress in their third quarter earnings release, which covered the 13- and 39-week period ending July 2.

This article will analyze that earnings release in detail, and provide an update on the company’s valuation and dividend growth prospects.