4 Reasons Dividend Growth Investing Rules!

There are many investment strategies and styles that investors utilize to fulfill their dreams of financial freedom. Everything works for someone - that is part of the fun!

As a dividend growth investor, there are 4 reasons why I think a dividend growth strategy works for me. These same reasons (or others) may/may not resonate with you.

If one is considering a dividend growth portfolio, picking which companies to build on can be daunting. Here are 4 blue chips with proven records, and remaining potential ahead.

Alternative view points encourage learning for everyone. I encourage fellow dividend growth investors to share the reasons they have found so much satisfaction in their portfolios, and share core stocks.

Investing is one of the most effective ways an individual can alter their future despite any circumstances you were born into. To convert time invested into one's career, job, hobby, etc. (money earned) into passively building wealth can be life changing, and self fulfilling to the highest degree. Part of the fulfillment I feel in this process is the control I can take in it. My affinity for dividend growth investing has taken me on a short - yet fascinating journey thus far with the "Dividend Growth Portfolio To Grow Old With". For those who are not familiar, or are - and haven't considered a dividend growth investing strategy - the following reasons are why I am a dividend growth investor.

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