3 Utility Stocks That Will Pay You To Invest In Them

Ever since the Great Recession, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates artificially low. So low that investors who typically invest in bonds for the interest income they provide have had to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, there weren’t many places to look. As a result, most investors turned to blue chip companies that were a relatively safe investment and paid a nice dividend. Enter utility stocks.

But not all utility stocks are equal. If you are looking for a safe place to park your money while earning a nice dividend, you have some research to do. Luckily that is where this post enters. There are 3 utility stocks out there that are a good place to put your money and they will pay you to own them through healthy dividend payments.

Understand that since these are stocks, you can lose money when the market drops. But they are solid companies and should not be as volatile as the market as a whole. And since they have had a pullback recently, now could be the time to get in. So what are these 3 utility stocks?

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