10 Dividend Growth Stocks That Simply Print Money

These 10 stocks collectively yield 3%, but thanks to fantastic cash generation, your yield down the road will be far more generous

History has taught us that dividend growth stocks are the absolute best way to grow both your income and wealth over time.

One such group of dividend stocks is known as the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats — S&P 500 companies that have increased their payouts for at least 25 consecutive years. Aristocrats have collectively outperformed the S&P 500 over time with less volatility.

Of course, to be able to pay secure and growing dividends, a company needs to have a strong competitive advantage that gives it good pricing power and allows it to generate strong free cash flow.

Today, we’re going to look at 10 great dividend growth stocks worth investigating. These are companies with strong businesses that consistently generate rivers of FCF that allow them to reward long-term dividend lovers. Each of these companies also scores well using our Dividend Safety Scores, which income investors can learn more about here.

Here they are, in order of free cash flow margin:

Source: InvestorPlace

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