9 Dividend Stocks to Buy With Both Fists

Uncertainty and low rates will keep these dividend stocks squarely in investors' crosshairs for months to come.

Interest rates are likely to remain low, what with the global economy still on shaky ground, and the Federal Reserve essentially pushing back any thoughts of a rate hike thanks to the fallout from the Brexit vote.

And once again, dividend stocks look very, very appealing.

Of course, not every stock with a yield is a no-brainer buy. Many stocks have been driven higher in the past few weeks, shrinking yields in now overbought companies. Several other dividend stocks have sky-high but unsustainable yields that might not even exist in a few years.

However, the following group of dividend stocks offers a proper blend of positive traits: good yields, yes, but also sustainable businesses and some near- or long-term tailwinds. In a couple of cases, recent underperformance has plumped up yields while also presenting a rebound opportunity.

In no particular order, here’s a look at nine dividend stocks you can feel comfortable buying with your eyes closed.

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