These Are The Only Dividend Aristocrats I Would Consider Today

Generally speaking, the overall stock market is fully valued at best, and in many cases significantly overvalued.  Therefore, it is very challenging to find sound and attractive stocks to invest in today.  The challenge to find good value today is even more pronounced for the prudent dividend growth investor.  Low interest rates and a flight to quality have driven the prices of best-of-breed dividend growth stocks to unprecedented highs.

The premier universe of dividend growth stocks is the S&P’s Dividend Aristocrats.  This elite list of blue-chip dividend growth stocks is comprised of companies that have increased their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years, and many on the list have streaks that are even much longer than that.  If a long-term increasing dividend income stream is your objective, then the Dividend Aristocrats should be the first place you look for dividend growth investments.  It is certainly the primary place where I like to look for good dividend growth stocks.

With this article, I will review the seven S&P’s Dividend Aristocrats that I consider attractive and sound dividend growth investments in today’s overheated stock market. 

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