10 Best Dividend Stocks to Own Now for a Safe Retirement

These blue chip stocks pay safe, generous dividends and form the foundation of a sturdy retirement portfolio.

With interest rates sitting near record lows, the stock market hitting all-time highs, and global growth remaining sluggish, many conservative investors seeking safe retirement income are anxious.

Dividend stocks have been a popular place to hunt for retirement income because they offer yields higher than Treasuries and provide the potential for income growth and capital appreciation.

However, not all dividend stocks are safe -- especially those with high yields and risky fundamentals.

This Conservative Retirees dividend portfolio looks through thousands of companies to find the best dividend stocks that offer a high yield, pay safe dividends, provide dividend growth in excess of the rate of inflation, trade at reasonable valuations, and are more defensive to preserve capital in the event of a market correction.

I found a number of high quality businesses that meet most of my criteria. Here are 10 of the best dividend stocks for safe retirement income:

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