Top 4 Dividend Stocks to Ride out an Unpredictable June

Even though markets ended in the green in May, things could get a little dicier this month. A slew of potential events can make the markets choppy, eventually derailing stocks. A possible rate hike by the Fed, uncertainty around job numbers and doubt regarding U.K.’s referendum on its European Union membership have made investors cautious in June. Moreover, June has predominantly been the worst month of the year in the last decade.

Furthermore, we are in the midst of the Democratic primary race. So a lot of gyration can be expected in the stock market. To minimize such market turmoil, it’s time to invest in solid dividend paying stocks. But before we select such stocks, let’s look at the events that may weigh upon the markets this month.

4 Strong Buy Dividend Stocks to Beat Volatility…

Source: Zacks