This Is Why Microsoft Corporation Is a Top Dividend Stock

MSFT Stock Should Be on Top of Your Watch List

If you’re an income investor, you probably had to choose between two sets of stocks: 1) ones that offer stable dividends but not much growth potential, or 2) ones with huge upside but no steady yields. But what if there was one company that offers both? Well, there is—Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) stock.

Of course, the technology sector is not the usual shopping place for income investors. The tech stocks that may make it to a dividend investor’s watch list are more likely to be hardware companies with predictable performance. But in this day and age, technology is changing so rapidly that many tech companies can lose their competitive edge very quickly. Why on earth would an income investor put money in the software-focused Microsoft stock?

Well, as it turns out, the company has the prefect ingredients for a great dividend play.
Let me explain…

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