Jefferies Has 4 Top Value Stocks to Buy With Solid Upside Potential

More and more you can see that the rest of 2016 could be absolutely crazy from a volatility aspect. With the match-up for the president looking to be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, you can count on some big swings in the market as opinion shifts back and forth and the rhetoric gets ratcheted up. One thing that makes sense is to shift portfolios toward more conservative stocks that have value characteristics.

A recent research report from Jefferies focuses on stocks that not only have very solid franchises but remain priced at a level that puts them into a value category. Again, with the potential for volatility to spike over the remainder of this year, shifting to stocks that are a touch more stable makes good sense. All four of the Jefferies value stocks are rated Buy.

Let's look closer those four...

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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