6 Great Dividend Stocks for Retirees

We offer a mix of high-yielders and companies with strong dividend-growth prospects.

Wall street is in love with dividend stocks—maybe too much so. The stocks have climbed so much lately that many are starting to look pricey. That means that retirees, in particular, need to be careful about which dividend payers they’re buying if they are trying to both protect and grow their nest egg.
We went hunting for dividend stocks that meet two conditions important to many retirees: first, little risk that the dividend could be cut, and second, reasonable expectations for long-term dividend growth as well as share-price gains.

We found six names worth considering. Some offer relatively high yields but mild dividend-growth prospects; others offer lower yields but strong growth prospects; and the rest are somewhere in the middle, with decent yields and good growth prospects. Share prices and related figures are through March 31. For two more dividend payers that are well suited for retirees...

Source: Kiplinger

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