4 Very Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy to Ride Out the 2016 Political Cycle

With the probable feature card set for the fight for the presidency, one thing is for sure. Americans will be blitzed again from now until November with political rhetoric that likely will prove to be mind-numbing. While historically candidates from both parties have tended to tack more toward the center after they secure the nomination, that won’t stop them from saying bombastic things that could prompt market volatility.

With interest rates remaining low, and the odds for an interest rate hike in June only 10%, there is a good chance that the Federal Reserve will try to remain cautious until after the election. The probability of a hike in September is only 35%, so there is a fair chance they won’t raise until December, after things have been settled.

We screened the Merrill Lynch research database for safe stocks rated Buy that pay solid dividends and that likely wouldn’t be affected regardless of who wins the election. We found four that make good sense for investors to consider now.

Let's look closer those four...

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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