May 5, 2016

4 RBC US Equity Top Pick Stocks That Also Pay Solid Dividend

We have seen it the past two days, and as the first-quarter earnings parade wraps up, we are very likely to see it again. Volatility is creeping back into the markets, and the “Sell in May and go away” mantra is starting to quietly be chanted across Wall Street. The problem with going away is there is no place to go. Cash deposits pay nothing, and with inflation and taxes it becomes a negative return instrument.

Stocks remain the place to be, and more conservative companies that pay dividends are probably the best arena for investors to consider. We recently screened the RBC Capital Markets U.S. Equity Top Picks list for companies that not only have solid upside potential, but also pay good dividends. We found four that look good for growth and income accounts...

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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