4 High-Performance Stocks to Buy for Their Special Dividends

Don't just look at these stocks' one-time payouts; consider their index-beating results as well

Successful investing is all about searching for those few good ideas that over time turn into 10-baggers or more. However, you need the patience to find these gems. Recently, I came up with the brilliant idea of finding a few stocks to buy that have paid one or more special dividends in the past 12 months.

In my opinion, special dividends are one of the best examples of efficient capital allocation because it shows me that management understands the ebb and flow of its own cash flows and is more than willing to reward shareholders when the coffers are flush and to hold back when they’re not.

But I wasn’t just looking for stocks to buy that paid a special dividend — I was after those that don’t pay a regular dividend and no formal dividend policy.

So, after an exhaustive search, here are high-performing four stocks to buy for their special dividends...

Source: InvestorPlace

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