4 High-Dividend Technology Stocks for Yield-Hungry Investors

The technology sector has many stocks that don't pay dividends at all. Companies such as Facebook,Google parent Alphabet and Salesforce pay no dividends. But that doesn't mean there aren't good high-dividend stocks in the technology sector.

Even Warren Buffett -- who famously avoided tech stocks for decades -- is invested in one of these high-yield technology stocks: IBM . It is the fifth highest yielding stock in Warren Buffett's high-dividend portfolio. We'll look at three other high-dividend technology stocks in this article as well. Two are well-known large-cap technology stocks with strong competitive advantages -- and high dividend yields. The other is the global leader in wireless mobile communications devices. (Its products are found in most smartphones.)

Most technology dividend-paying stocks don't have long dividend histories -- that's because the technology industry changes quickly. Two of the high-dividend technology stocks in this article are different. They are members of the Dividend Achievers Index, stocks with 10 or more consecutive years of dividend increases.

Let's take a closer look for those four...

Source: TheStreet

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