3 Mid-Cap Dividend Stocks Every Income Seeker Should Own

Looking for dividend stocks? Don't ignore marvelous mid-caps.

Many investors looking for dividend stocks tend to focus solely on larger multinationals. Presumed quality, cash flows and safety are among the reasons why dividend investors tend to go big. However, they might want to head down the market-cap ladder when stuffing their portfolio full of dividend stocks.

Mid-cap stocks — or those firms within the $2 billion and $10 billion market cap range — can be among the best dividend investments you can make. For starters, they tend to have equally as stable business models as large-caps. That affords many of them the ability to pay just as juicy dividends as their larger peers.

The kicker is that their slightly smaller size still means that there is plenty of growth in the tank.  That has many mid-caps outperform large-caps by a decent margin.

That combination of dividends and capital appreciation makes mid-caps one of the best drivers for total returns around.

Here’s three mid-cap dividend stocks that are great buys today…

Source: InvestorPlace

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