3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy in May

On the hunt for a stock with a big dividend yield? Our contributors think you should give these three companies a closer look.

Many income-focused investors look at the S&P 500's dividend yield of only 2% and believe they can do better. After all, there are plenty of stocks on the market that offer up yields well above that of the index, so doesn't it make more sense to simply buy a basket of high-yielding stocks as a way to create more income? We Fools think so, but at the same time, we recognize that not every stock that has a high yield is worth owning. 

In an effort to give our readers a jump start in their search for stocks that offer up big dividend payouts, we reached out to a team of Motley Fool contributors and asked them to share one of their favorite high-yielding stocks. 

Continue to read to see which stocks they picked to see if you could find a place for them in your portfolio...

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