May 24, 2016

3 Boring Dividend Stocks To Add To Your Retirement Portfolio

In the technology industry, it can be exciting to chase the current hot stocks with the promise to become a household giant such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple.  But for every Facebook, there is a MySpace.  For every Google, there is an Ask Jeeves.  When we are looking for stocks that can protect our retirement assets, sometimes boring companies that make the products that run in the background of the technology industry can provide solid long term cash flow that can grow our retirement funds with more stability than a company dependent on the next hot product.  We want companies that are a bit safer yet participate in the overall growth in the industry.  We are looking for stocks that can provide both current income through a solid dividend and appreciation potential for our portfolios through free cash flow growth.

The first step is to look for companies that will provide us with a good yield in this low rate environment and have a history of growing that dividend.   We are starting with stocks that have a current yield above 2% and have grown that dividend over the past 5 years…

Source: Forbes