Morgan Stanley's 8 Best Stocks to Own for the Next 3 Years

Which stocks are best to own for the long term?

Morgan Stanley has come up with a"30 for 2019" list that encompasses 30 quality stocks for investors to own for at least three years, the investment firm said in a research note to clients on Thursday. 

As investors wade through "numerous cross-currents" currently affecting the markets, such as slow U.S. economic growth, weakness in key overseas economies, low oil prices and negative policy rates from a growing number of central banks, individual equity opportunities are present, Morgan Stanley said.

The firm asked its U.S. analysts to identify the "highest-quality" companies in each sector, ones that are "likely to strengthen their sustainable competitive advantage."

Here are the eight stocks from the 30 for 2019 list with the highest EPS growth rates (above 15%) for the five-year period through 2019...

Source: TheStreet

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