4 Value Blue Chip Stocks to Buy That All Yield 4% or More

The low yield landscape many thought would start to change by this year is looking more and more like a longer term event. In fact, Bloomberg notes that the demand was so strong for the recent U.S. Treasury’s sale of 30-year debt that Wall Street bond dealers were left with the lowest percentage ever for an auction of the maturity. They also pointed out that the auction yield of 2.596% compares with 0.85% on similar-maturity debt from Germany and about 0.4% in Japan.

What that means for savers and investors looking for income is that stocks with good yields will remain the best avenue for the foreseeable future. We screened the Merrill Lynch research database for stocks that were rated Buy, and had at least a 4% dividend. We found four that fit the bill that look like outstanding values now.

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Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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