4 Elite Dividend-Growing Stocks All Retirees Should Own

Investors have different needs in (or near) retirement. Earlier in life, total return is what matters. Later in life, investing becomes more about rising income and safety. Retirees know they need the income from their portfolios to at least keep pace with inflation to maintain purchasing power. In an ideal world, retiree portfolio income would grow faster than inflation. Who doesn't want extra "walking-around money" every year?

There is an elite group of dividend-growth stocks that all retirees should own: the 50 Dividend Aristocrats. A Dividend Aristocrat is a stock that has paid increasing dividends for 25 or more consecutive years.

Only the best-of-the-best can become Dividend Aristocrats because a business must have a strong and durable competitive advantage to increase its dividends for 25 or more consecutive years.

The four elite dividend growers analyzed below are excellent choices for retirement portfolios...

Source: TheStreet

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