How Is Petrobras Handling Hard Times?

Petrobras Posted a Loss of $9.4 Billion in 4Q15

Petrobras (PBR) is in the midst of tough times due to lower oil prices. Before discussing its latest results, let’s have a look at what to expect from this series on Petrobras.

In this series, we will provide you an overview of Petrobras’s operations, financials, and market performance. In the next few parts, we will examine Petrobras’s (PBR) latest stock price rise and look at why the majority of analysts rate PBR as a “hold.” Then we’ll evaluate upstream and downstream project portfolios and Petrobras’s (PBR) leverage and cash flow position. We’ll follow this by examining the company’s valuations and comparing Petrobras with its peers. Finally, we will conduct correlation analysis of Petrobras’s stock and oil and natural gas prices. Let’s begin by examining PBR’s fourth quarter results and take a deeper look on Petrobas...